Bushido Martial Arts Education and Research Centre is found by Sensei Binu Joseph who entered into Martial Arts after attained training in Chainees Shaolin Kung-fu from Sifu dragom Rahoof in 2002. He learnt Budokhan Karate from Sensai Alavi in 2003. Soon he could gain Shodan Black belt from Sensei C.P Arif in 2008. Similarly he concentrated on Wushu training during this period and fortunately promotted to Wushu Instructer grade. In 2009 he bagged Nidan Black Belt from Japan Shittoryu Karate School in Shitoryu style during 2010 Goju-Riyu style from Goju Riyu Okinavakan Karate do Kyokai India. In 2009 he entered to Kick Boxing through All Kerala kick Boxing Association.

Born of Bushido

Demand and popularity of martial arts are steadly increased in modern age 'Bushido Martial Arts Education and Research Centre' orginates from the thought of how the lerning of all the Martial Arts in differnt parts of the world under a roof. Its our aim that those are love as well as willing to learn Martial Arts can choose their own intrested and convenienced arts under a club. Consiquently in 2010 Bushido club formed by Sensei Binu Josep and his senior students Senpai Shameer, Senpai Vibin,Senpai Rashad and Senpai Akhil.

Our Achievments

It is one of our achivements that we are invited and participated in International Karate and Kobudo Seminar in Thamilnadu. Fortunately introduced an eminent Portugues master Mr. Kyoshi Jaime Perera in this sminar and could learn Kobudo ( The art of traditional weapon training) and Karate techniques which imbied to desciples. During the same priod that club participate in The 8th International Karate Training Camp undr Shihan.Jadashi Ishikawe (japan). More over club Participatd many Seminars and championships held in throughabout Kerala and abroad too. In 2011 club steps into a popular Martial arts named 'Muay Thai' which is known as 'King of Ring' along the strong participation of many seminars and championships. In 2012 club conducted a ferocious Kick Boxing Seminar. Participated in the 18th Senior National Kick Boxing Championship at Vishakhapatanam in Andhra Pradesh andgained glorious victory. Our club culd gave fabulous prestige to Kerala obtaining by overall in Muay thai South Indian Championship. In 2012 club recived magnificent achvments In State level Boxing, The world numbr one sports. In 2013 Club Achived unique victories in 14th Muay Thai Junior and Sub Junior championship, 14th Muay Thai National Championship and State Boxing junior, Sub junior and Senior Championships. It is considered as a mildstone of our club that the founder and Chief instructor Sensai Binu Joseph bagged Diploma in Muay Thai and gained qualification after participating in refering and Judge Seminar.


Today Sports, Physical capacity, Self controle such great qualities have been decreasing in youth. The role of Sports and Games are very importent in human healthy lif. More over the demands of Martial Arts are increased becuse lerning through it one's gets many qualities like desipline, cleanlines, self controle, physical fitness, mental health and personality developments.In olden days many Martial arts were lerning taught through highly confidencial manners became world famous sports items today. Its our mission that giving proper training and guidlines. Martial Arts which are approved by Olympics, Asian Games, Saf Games, Natianal Games, School Games, University meet, Paika, Sahodaya, as well as Indian Railway, Assam Rifles, Army, CRPF,CBSE,ICSE, State Syllabus and also opening better job opportunities too.